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Our goal is simple: To support and develop our Troops, Veterans, and their families.


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Technology Products and Services 

United States Veteran  Educational Institute  searches for partners with some of the worlds top companies to provide advanced technology products and services on major contracts and to project worldwide.

United States Veterans Educational Institute 

Through the Technology Learning Center we provide many certification courses that are in demand and that carry over the training and experience that the veterans obtained in the military into high paying careers in the civilian career markets.

Affinity Networks

The United States Veterans Educational Institute's Affinity Networks develops secure video social networking for any military related group, virtually!

The United States Veterans Educational Institute is created to provide a unique educational experience for Military veterans. U.S.V.E.I is a C Corporation in the state of Pennsylvania and is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business. U.S.V.E.I. encompasses three main elements in its structure; education, technology, and product development.  All directed at a common objective -- to support and empower our veterans and their families. We also offer a unique learning experience for our veterans. 

​Courses are delivered on-site at the U.S.V.E.I. facilities, through a combination of educational delivery methods, including classroom, interactive television (ITV), on-line, as well as a blend of the various methods.Certificates and degrees are granted by partnered colleges,

The networks are fully interactive with up to 20 attendees with full collaboration. Affinity can develop a network for any group for education, meetings planning or social purpose.